30 June 2011


Just letting you that there are new things in the works and coming up. BIG CHANGES! Stay Tuned!

26 May 2011

Check out this great design video!

I found this on my tumblr and had to share it

17 May 2011

Some Graffiti

One of the many loves of my life -

16 May 2011

The last month...

OK I know I said I would be good but to my credit - the alst month of work has been nuts! Now that I have some down time and things are coming to a leveling off I will be around more. : )

Last weekend Alex and I went down toan to the Festival of Ideas for the New City  - Street Fest.

"major new collaborative initiative in New York involving scores of Downtown organizations working together to harness the power of the creative community to imagine the future city and explore ideas that will shape it.'

It was such a great day to head down there and we go to visit some very interesting tents too. There weer areas where they were teaching kids to cook using all locally grown food... An area that was just about educating people on bike in the city,  areas on how to green your building and or roof... And an area tht kids could go and play with large foam shaped to really encouage using their hands and enforcing imaginations etc.

There was plans and designs for what the next stage of the subways would be... These were really great to read about and to see.

It was a wonderfull day that also brought with it amazing local eats from Brooklyn! ( Big fan! )

03 April 2011

Tata Gala

I know I know I have overly made up for the lack of posting. This is the last one for today though. :)

My talented fiance Alex entered in to a contest to raise money for breast cancer research. The Tata Gala. His piece was chosen with 100 others out of over 1,000 pieces to show in a gallery in Sarasota Florida in November.

Out of those he was one of 17 artists to be shown again in the Tata Galla's Best of the Breast show here in New York City this past February. Here are some shots from the show. It was great and there were so many great peices. : )

These were some of my favorites from the show. Everyone's work was so well done. Congrats to all.