02 October 2008



Here is the package that I handed in today. It was chosen to be photographed and put in the show.!!!!! make comments please!1!!!!!!!!!!

My design was for HP. We were to redesign their printer cartridge. I chose to go completely eco friendly and wanted to waste of materials. The green that you see that is used as a sleeve in a material that has flower seeds in it that when taken apart can be grown outside. Inside the box on the flaps is all of the information. Once done with the cartridge you can place that as the HP logo sleeve in it and place the mailing label (that comes with it) and ship it back. That way all the cartidges get recycled and the box material get recycled as well since HP uses 90 % recycled materials. o why not have it be their own?!?!?!?!

Well he really liked it and i am soo sooo excited to do the next project. The next one is designing soap. we design bar of soap and make it and make the package and get to make up out own brand too! So excited

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