02 June 2009

Summer Plans

Along with work and trying to get another internship I am planning on doing a lot to better myself as a designer and to better my portfolio.

I am(at the moment... there is still a long list of things that will be done) working on a few things

I am designing a bent ply wood rocking horse. I will be a new take on an old icon. I hopefully will withing the next week come up with a final design so that when school starts up I can build a buck really quick and bend it all and have a finished one. It shouldn't take that long to make it as long as I get on top on it ;)

I am also working a line of toys that I want to make instead of following the new trend of designer vinyl toys for adults i am planning on making some new ones but out of lathed wood.

I am also planning on building a bed to SELL!!!! and then if it does I will build yet another one to have for myself ;).

I am also working on some shoe designs and plan on making a few they will be nice 4 day projects that I am itching to start! Hopefully I will have the two that I want done before I go home to show everyone back in New York.

I will be posting some sketches with in the week to keep you all posted!

Well that is the game plan for me right now... Cross your fingers!

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