10 September 2009

Ga _ shoes for walking

When i posted the shoes a while back they were sent in for as part of an internship application but I really did them with the intention of keeping the designs for myself. And here it is!!!!! I am in the process of starting to make the shoes and here is the final branding ( that will get tweaked over time :) ) and the idea for the package.

In keeping with my need to be environmentally conscious about things, I have decided that when bought the shoes will be in fact placed in a paper bag ready for you to take home. They can be shipped in a large crate ( in fact since they have never been worn at that point there will be no harm to them. 9 times out of 10 you wont keep the box anyway so instead of have a cardboard box that no one will recycle i figured a paper bag will be used by other means... Hopefully ;)

Ga is a Swedish term - To walk...

I figure that it is cute and you can remember it easily. I like it and wanted a simple branding as to not take away from the shoes that I have designed...

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