13 September 2009

School Project No_1

At the moment I am in the middle of a project for my Senior Studio class.

The project is set up to design a high end product that is inspired by a designer or a design movement. I have chosen Santiago Calatrava, he is by far my favorite architect. I love his high modern style, with all natural forms being used for inspiration in every thing that he does. I suggest that you go to the website and see his designs. They are brilliant while having old European cities resting in the background.


I am designing a fruit bowl of sorts... I am working with bending metal inspired by the human form.

here are some sketches of what I started with and where I am heading as of now. as well as my photo of inspiration.

As of right now the white model is my last sketch model. I am make a few changes but the final will be done withing the week!!! I am very excited!!!!!

This is finaly coming together! I had doubts at first but now things are looking up with this.

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