02 November 2009

Tom Kelley!

Checking my email right before class this morning I saw that the school was giving out a limited number of free tickets to students to hear Mr. Tom Kelley speak. For those who might not know Mr. Kelley is the General Manager for IDEO in California, they are known as one of the top design firms in the world.

After running to the top floor of a building that was almost across campus, I was extatic to to find that I was able to get a ticket for Wednsday night. Those that are not so lucky have to pay 100$.. Either way myself and a few other friends are going and I can not wait to hear all that he has to say

This is going to be a great month! This Wednesday Tom Kelley and in two weeks Mr. Jacques Fresco!

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Taylor said...

Nice! That is really exciting- I can't wait to hear about it. have you read any of his books? I will try to remember to bring one home with me for you if you haven't read them. So I expect a full report on what you learned :) Just kidding!
It is a great opportunity while you are still in school to take advantage of these lectures, they bring in some really great firms!