10 December 2009


For those who know me it seems that I am a big Scrooge during the holidays. Clarification! I do like Christmas actually I love it! It is my favorite time to spend with family and friends - I only dislike a few things:

•Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving! and for the entire month of December. I dont mind the music but not 24/7

•It is not really my think to over decorate for any holiday and this one seems to be everyone's favorite. lol

•But really i hate how commercialized the entire holiday has become. What happened to spending time with family and friends?

So to get myself for in spirit I figured my blog could be too! I


Taylor said...

So I am totally with you on this one. I love to spend time with my family. but I also skip the decorating part-it is all so cheesy and too expensive (and I am allergic to pine trees-so I kind of hate real trees).

Are you done with classes?

Little Cook said...

o wow that sucks!