13 December 2009

Qucik Doodles

Here is a glimpse of some of what is happening in my sketch book at the moment. The past few days have been nothing but getting thoughts out of my head and on to paper. Tomorrow starts the rendering process so I will post them as I do them. I cant wait to share what it all is!

Here is a quick profile f a male shoe and the other is a child's toy sat that i am thinking if creating.


Taylor said...

Hi Cassandra,
your sketching is looking a lot better. i would really like to have you sit down with one of our senior designers when you come to evo for a quick sketching tutorial to help even more. the show looks pretty good, but seems to be a bit too upturned in the front. i know that you have a lot planned over break-but i would really love for you to give mike ditullo's shoe tutorial a shot over break. he is one of the best sketchers/shoe designers out there right now. http://www.michaelditullo.com/Design/FOOTWEAR_RENDER.html

Cappello Design said...

Thanks! i feel the same about the front of the shoe. But I will definitely check out the tutorial! I have been watching them Vimeo whenever I get a chance