16 December 2009

The the past few days I have been ripping through sketchbook pages. I have a lot that I want to do in the next few weeks on top of what I already need to do.. I haven't let myself get settled in to vacation mode just yet. I am not overloading but just keeping myself busy.

Here are some form studies for some wooden rattles. I am going to do more. I am not feeling any of these.

These two sketches a quick study of a toy set that I am looking on to making a mock up of. They are fruit and veggie wooden toys that come apart. When the child goes to put them together they will know that it is the right piece more so than recognizing it but it will sound out the word and then say it.

I just felt like doing on form studies on drinking glasses.

This was a quick study I did of an office paper weight that can be used to store and display notes. It would be all stainless steel.

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