28 January 2010

Victoria's Secret

This is a project from last spring semester. Every year the packaging class gets to work with Victoria's Secret. The subject every year being different.
I know that I am special and packaging and its graphics are honestly one of my favorite things to do!

This piece is entitled
"Beach Babe" (the title of the project overall) We designed a bag that is given to the buyer when a bathing suit is purchased on site. They will get a towel and a summer beauty care product.

We wanted to make sure that the user at the beach was a concept that stayed with the design. You go to the beach- you get wet as does your towel.

Our concept- a reversible bag with a double sided zipper that starts at the top. This way the towel has a chance to start drying instead of being in a wet wad at the bottom of your bag. There are pockets on one side so that if it is reversed then no one can get attempt to steal anything if you wish t use the bag when you go out.

The bag is made up of canvas so that it can be easily thrown in to the washer and dryer ensuring that it is always clean.

WE wanted to do something simple, because you are going to the beach and for those that are lucky you want the attention to not be on your bag. lol

My group mate created all of the graphics and colorings, even the hand dyed towel that is from pick and blends to an orange. While I designed the bag itself and made it.

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