02 February 2010

Designer Visit #1

In my Portfolio class there are going to be guest speakers. Designers in the field are honestly nice enough to come in and talk to us about the field and their part in their company. It is great that we get to hear from someones perspective that was in out shoes not too long ago and is still working in the field.

Chris Boggs of Priority Designs came in today. He was a great speaker, very informative. I felt bad because we all were not asking so many questions but the people that we have had in classes before this were not as talkative as he was. Chris graduated from CCAD in 2006 and has worked for Priority since some time after graduation. It was interesting to hear what his pet peeves where when looking at peoples portfolios and how they addressed the situation of applying for a position.

He left us with a Priority leave behind with a die-cut of their winning IDSA box car that you can make yourself. ( well a mock up of)

I spoke to him for only a moment after class but we spoke about setting up an appointment with him when the time comes to have him look at my IDSA presentation, have someone else's opinion. (you can never have too many)

I wanted to thank him for coming to our class today and speaking with us all! It was a great help to us.

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