01 February 2010


Last week I was working my little butt off to get a presentation together. I know that i work on a lot of them but this one was very different... Ever since I got to CCAD I knew about the IDSA Merit Awards Night, I wanted to be apart of it sooo much! I was EXTATIC when I got the nomination letter. IDSA is the Student section of the Industrial Design Society of America. Every year the Product Design department nominates their students that qualify get to compete against each other for the top three spots. They put all of their portfolios together and they get to show off everything that they have inside and out side of the department.

Once chosen the three from CCAD and the three from OSU's Department "battle it out" for 'top senior'. The title is for the chapter sections of IDSA from there the winner goes on to to the regional's and then if they are massively lucky to Nationals.

I worked my butt off on this presentation and was happy to say that I gave it my all and am waiting rather impatiently for the email from the teachers. Everyone gave great presentations but then again we would all like to win!

I will keep you up dated!

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