18 February 2010


Even though I feel like I have caught the black plague, I have been trying desperately to still truck on and get 'er done!

The past two days I finished up the mock up of my dice, and have my first round of cards.

Here is the mock up of the dice. Just really simple I am going to take out some of the beans on the insde.

This is a quick video of what the ball.

These are some quick versions of cards. I chose that the big one is not necessary. So I am going to push more and rework the cards ( smaller) over the weekend.

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Taylor said...

Hey, nice job! you have accomplished a lot this week! This is looking great! I can't view the video- but think I get a good idea from the photos. my only concern from what I see here is the size of the ball and how you would package the product.
As far as the cards go I think that it will be best to keep them all facing the same direction to reduce confusion.
Now i think you should rest and get healthy!