16 February 2010

Thesis: Solidworks

Here are the game pieces in a modeling program. The point of these are for the kids to be the playing pieces. To hit a therapy point ( Autistic Occupational Therapy) The children will be putting the game together however they want to. Teaching them directions, interaction with family and others, as well as logical thought.

The shapes pop out so that the kids can figure out that when they put the game together themselves - they can also place the shapes in to.

The larger sections can come apart. There is not start or stop point for the kids. This way it can look however the children want to, and also deal with space in the home or therapy room.

The pieces fit easily together and have many of the same shape for the children to figure out how to fit together.

These are just a few minor rendered shots. I will begin to fully render in the next few weeks.

1 comment:

Taylor said...

These are looking good. nice job with the radius on everything-that is key!
the only thing that i think you need to take into consideration how the kids are going to get the shapes into and out of the blocks easily-you either need to have tabs that will allow them to be pulled out (think battery ribbon) or divets in the shapes or the squares that will allow them to get their fingers under the shapes.