12 March 2010

Thesis Branding

This week has been full of working on things, that wont quit for a while. :) I hope that everyone is starting to enjoy the nice weather that we are starting to get ( At least in Ohio).

I have only just begun to work on my branding and Identity for my thesis and I wanted to share it with you and see what you thought. These were done mainly to explore color . I personally and liking the bottom ones a lot more than the top.

More will be done this weekend! I will share it with you all when it is finished.


Taylor said...

Hey, nice job on the variety here. i am going to send you an email with more detailed info.

Yasmine Robles said...

Looks really good. I particularly like the last one and enjoy how you played with the negative space in the "&" sign. I'm also excited by the angle of the last one. Another reason I like the last one is that the contrast between the name and slogan seems better met than the others. The slogan is subdominant while the rest of it is dominant. Good work over all. You might want to play with colors more but the orange is nice. I think you might have mentioned this, or I imagined it, but didn't you say you wanted it to look medical? It doesn't.