21 April 2010

Card Packaging!!!!!!!

Here are the packages for the cards that are going in to the main package of the unit.

I am pretty happy with them I am still tweaking but I wanted to keep them simple since it is a therapy tool. I was avoiding it this whole time but I really love how they are turning out so far! I hope that you enjoy them! I am finishing them tonight and will be hopefully mocking them up tomorrow sometime!

1 comment:

Taylor said...

How do i say this nicely... Overachiever :) just kidding, this is a really nice touch and a great addition to the project it will make it feel much more finished and professional. these are looking great.

my only suggestion is to watch the alignment on the bullet points.
and are you separating the levels by color at all? if you are it would be nice to have the graphics a different color on each level. the photos are a nice touch.

Cant wait to see these in person!