10 August 2010

Travelin Gal.

As of the end of last week like I mentioned I was heading out to Evo Design in Watertown, Conn.

Well the one visit is now going to be turned in to whenever I want :) I will be heading the 80 miles there 3 to 4 x's a week to work on things. These things being for my personal portfolio of course!

It is great! I can not express how much I appreciate it all! I have a desk space to work and am able to get critiques form the other designers and the president Aaron Szymanski. Every one is so nice and helpful. The environment there is awesome.

Here is a project that I started last week and will be working on all this week:

A broom and dust pan for small apartments and limited storage areas. I am segmenting my sketching in to two sections. Designs that can left out in to the room if possible and designs that can be stored but don't take up space. Here is a glimpse of where I am as of now - they are rough but the finals will be posted as soon as they are done.

After this project there are a few more that I have ready to start and I am very excited to get to work on them all!

I will post more tomorrow...

( All photos of and inside Evo Design are from the Evo Design website)

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