02 September 2010

Where were you your fist time?

Thank you Jonathan Ives and team! Have you seen the new Nano? It is amazing that just a few short years it has become this!

On October 23, 2001 the iPod was first released. It is now a decade later and there is not only touch capability but look how compact it is! There seems to be no wasted space when designing this product. I feel that this will be really popular for what it is. You can now do everything that the iPod Touch could first do just on a smaller space. The Touch now has taken on the abilities of the iPhone without the phone capabilities.

I am really excited about this - You save money by not having to pay for the Apple phone service while having all of the perks of the iPhone and then some! You can now use Skype it and have better new features like being able to video in HD.  Who can go wrong?! All under $400, 8gb, 32gb, and 64gb - newer and slimmer design!

                                LOVE IT!

What will the next decade bring us in the form of mp3 technology? I am so excited to wait and see!

All photos linked from www.apple.com

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Bocci said...

The Nano is gorgeous...and I love those commercials. it does make me want to run and buy one-they are now a fashion accessory!