14 August 2008

The Bluefront Theater

The Bluefront Theater is in downtown Harrodsburg, KY. It was abandoned for years and years but the owner of my company is remodeling it and placing it on the national historic registry just as the Beaumont Inn. The fist shot is a before. The place was a wreck. But the other shots of it getting finished. The bars running across the ceiling are to holding the street wall up. It was a few inches off grade and that is the best and only way that they could fix it and keep everything original. They brought artists in to re plaster and paint the original graphics back on to the walls. All the wood is hand worked. the photos don't do it justice. it is so pretty there. On the stage there will be three displays that i designed and drew out on a program called Revit.

The first display there will be two of flanking the middle one. They will be viewed all the way around. there will be a display casing as well as shelving to place little booklets on to.

The middle larger display will have in the front a 7' x 4' painting of the owner of the company and his wife. On the back of it there will be one of the original lanterns hanging that was found on site before renovations began. The sides have shelves to hold booklets as well.

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