05 September 2008

Studio Branding and others

So school has started yet again and the stress is heading at me full blast! This is the first installment of photos for my new Studio project. This first one - 'Re-Branding' we were all given an area of sporting equipment - beginners, intermediate,advanced. We then were to pick a sport and create a brand and logo and slogan for that company. The next part of the task was to choose three products for that sport and design how the coloring would be placed and the logos etc. we are allowed to redesign one product in the group. I was given Beginners. My sport Tennis. I decided to go with new interested player but focused more on children. My brand is called RALLY ( it is a term in tennis that mean to hit the ball back and forth with someone on the other side of the court.) My three products are the racquet, the racquet sleeve ( that i will redesign to be able to hold at least three tennis balls in it. ) and the other is a new product that is an aid to help children learn to control where the ball goes and how much strength they really need. Well with the brand name of Rally i needed a slogan. I know that either way I would still need to sell to the parents. the coloring would be kept a neutral for both genders. The slogan after too many choices came down to "Learn it. Luv it." it is for the beginners of the sport and yet cute. the whole point of my line is for those parents that know that their children want to play for what ever reason but if they are worried that they will change their mind again as children often do why not try these training products. If the kids like it then the parents can place them in lesson if possible. that way everyone is happy. i hope... :) Well here is the logo with the slogan. WORLD PREMIERE!

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