13 September 2008

My First Exhibit - Frank Llyod Wright

For my first exhibit design we were to choose a neighborhood and design an informational Kiosk for it. I chose Oak Park, Il. Oak Park is a neighborhood that Frank Lloyd Wright Designed most of the homes in, including his home and studio that he used for years.

I designed a structural kiosk that will be able to let you sit while walking through the area. There will also be an interactive touch screen row of computers that people can interact with, they will have information about the neighborhood, the homes, F.L.W. and what he has done in Chicago, and other places in the area where people can go to visit.

These are not the final shots there is a tad more to go, but with in the week there will be the final photo's and the final sketches and screen shot of the monitor that i designed.

The Exhibit is made of foam core and acetate. It is 2' x 3.5' the base and is 3' tall

This is a side shot of it.

The 'stained glass' window is acetate and white tape.

It will be a bit better and be handed in in a few days.

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