20 September 2008

Final Studio Branding Project

Well as I mentioned before, In studio we are branding a sports ware company. My company as seen earlier is named Rally. My goal was to make a preppy fun sporting line for children getting in to beginners tennis. Here are my final renderings for the project. My presentation is on Monday, by the end of class that day I will have chosen which of the three rendering i will choose to model for next week. I think that I will end up going with the with the tennis racquet. We only have a week to do it and I know that with everything else I wont be able to make the bag like I wanted too.

This is the sleeve. The griding on the front of it is actually a netting that on the bottom of it is Velcro. The netting is a pouch that can hold the water bottles and tennis balls. There is a little opening where the Velcro is that is where the child can hook the training tool when they are not using it or walking home.

The training tool is designed to be able to fill with sand or water. There is an elastic band that is attached to the tool as well as a tennis ball. the child can place it on drive way, courts, where ever, and learn to control their swing, strength and ball in general. they can play the game and learn the basics by themselves before they are ready to go in to lessons.

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