20 September 2008

Packaging Class

Well our first packaging project was to design a printer cartridge package. I chose HP. They have a style to their graphics that I like and they have a good start on being more Eco friendly. I wanted to take them to the next step. My design is encompassing the idea of having no wasted materials. HP already uses 80% of recycled boards. I have designed a package that is as Eco as i could make it. ;) there will be a sleeve out side of the package that has the label and all of the information about the product. The box will be wrapped with a material that is filled with seeds that when placed out side can start to grow flowers. This Material will be on the outside of the box. That can be removed easily. The box itself on the inside- the inner tabs have the remaining information that is needed for HP. There along with the cartridge will be a sticker with the return address and free postage. When the user is finished with the cartridge they can put it back in to the box, as well as the sleeve and place the sticker on it and send it on its way. NO WASTED MATERIAL! I am putting on my mock ups. and the graphics thus far. The final is due in about a week and will be posted then. I CANT WAIT! te he

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