14 June 2009

Sketch Postings!!!

Here are some of the accumulation of a few months of sketching.. These are the ones that are better ones, I feel. The rest are posted on my website that there is a link for on the left side bar.

I have started to make my plush toys. The first is the Penguin. I will be posting those process photos withing the next few weeks.

Would love to hear feed back! More sketches will be posted as i sketch more over the summer.

Here are some shoes that I have done for a internship application. Even though These would not be nessisarily just made for Nike they were a client of the companies that i was applying to. I am planning on working more with these and build one and try to apply to Puma by the end of next year.

Here are some sketches for some luggage...

Here are some home goods

Here is a kifee rack with built in sharpener

Here is a knife rack that is magnetic for your kitchen....


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