07 September 2009

A New Begining... for me ; )

Hello who are thoughtful enough to read my blog,

Now that senior year is here I am taking on a lot more to get a better portfolio and over all become a better designer. I have a new re-branding and a new layout for my portfolio.

I will be posting some new sketches and some new projects that I have started to work on. I will also be doing a sketch a day. No matter what, or how random it may be I will be posting them now as much as I can.

There will also be more posts overall, more school projects as well as my own will be on the site!

I have some great ideas for some new toys, kids accessories, packaging and some furniture.

So Stay Tuned and you will hop fully be happily surprised by what is coming up in the next few days as well as the next year over all! Big things are happening in this little apartment in Columbus Ohio.

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