22 September 2009

Work in Progress ...

Well today is day two of working on the final form of my fruit bowl. I have already bent the main form but have a few more touches to add. I will be finishing the build tonight hopefully though.

After attacking the metal with a press break (it cuts thinker sheets of metal) I gave it more tapers at both ends. I think that by doing this the need for two layer has passed.

So far things are looking really good, I am getting really excited about seeing it when it is done. It has begun to take on a bit of a new form but I am letting that happen to a point. I feel that by bending it and doing what I want it to but still allowing the aluminum to move the way it wants to at times is giving the piece more character.

After that all that is left to do is paint it! I will be posting process photos up as soon as I can

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