23 September 2009


Here it is! This is all finished and photographed!!!

I am so happy with this! There were no huge mishaps or anything, and by chance and the face that there are very nice junk yards around here - this is the least amount of money that I have spent on a project too! ;)

I have photographed it in a lab but also displayed on a table. More shots will be taken I am going to photograph it with a better setting then the table that I had.

Here it is though! Tah Dah!

Hope that you all like it!


Taylor said...

Nicely done! This turned out great and it looks like you really stuck with your design intent here. the photos look good with the green apples. The only area where i could see room for additional thought is playing with the length of the wire, in the second photo, the closest wire rod seems to stop mid-air, and it would be interesting to see what it would look like with the wire extended to the table in order to carry the language of the form further. But, other than that small detail, nicely done!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

Very cool, as always Cassandra. Your photography looks fantastic as well. It really shows off the functionality and design of the piece. I hope I get to see this in person!

Cassandra Cappello said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments and crits! The wires all fall through the base of the piece but are all level on the same plane. Now that you mention it though i see what you mean when it comes to the photos.

They are all level though as well as the top ones too.

Thank you very much! just a presentation on tues and then off to start the IHA project.. What to do what to do...