27 October 2009

Branding and some!

Here is the final branding and colors. I feel that they are gender neutral yet very child fitting. I also have the initials for the small tags on some of the tags. There is also the letter head which thank to am oops moment I have some main elements that I will be using for the rest of the project. tell me whatcha think!?

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Taylor said...

I think that there are a few elements here that you might want to tweak. I think that the top logo is a little too big if you step back and look-it dominates the page a bit too much. I think you also need to add an address since this is letterhead. if you bump the bottom line up a bit it would work nicely under that.

Check out tickleberrymoon.com (we can visit the store when we go to the works) but the website is really nicely done and similar to the type of store that you are working on.