27 October 2009


I have spoken to a few people and worked on these two versions of the logo. I am still going to work on them a bit but I would like to know what you think of it now? And I have put some color swatches. DO you like? Any suggestions? Just a progress check point for today there will be a final one by tomorrow depending on if anyone comments of the post.

I have also made a few choices for the toys

Wooden toys-
If painted will be eco paint.

Stuffed animals-
Recycled sweaters [ these will be labeled and separated 100% wool and cotton to aviod any allergies with children.

!00% cotton fabric accent

All will be filled with brown rice.

5% - 10% plastics when necessary. ( I am really trying to avoid the use of it but there is a design for a toy set that I worked up last night and I am so so so excited to start this and get it out. It will be less than 10% plastic though.)

For class I am creating a full business model and

logo / cards / mock site / letterhead etc. I am going all out for this for my portfolio. it will be for products and for graphic work as well to show off my sweet Skillz! (te hehehe)

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