15 October 2009

IHA / Thesis

For the International Housewares Association competition I have chosen to design a mini bar of sorts for small space living. Something that can be displayed and kept out if wanted but also be easily put away when not wanted out in the view of the world. This will also be easy to set up and clean up.

As of right now I am thinking that I will create on over all design and make specifications for personalization and specifics for certain types of drinking habits, mixed drinks and beer, wine, all of the above. I am working on getting a closer idea to what it will literally be by the end of the weekend. I will post that when it comes to me :)

So far other than initial research becoming in depth research with statistics I have been going chart happy. I have just finished the Blue Ocean set of Strategy canvas's. Here is an example of one. they are to help me find out where the market stands and what areas are not being tapped in to as of yet.

As of Tuesday we are now starting our Senior Thesis I will be going crazy starting to type up everything that is due at the end of the semester. But there will be more on this as time goes on. This year will be one hell of a time for me and everyone else in the senior ID labs.

My one goal though is to not sleep under my desk at the middle to end of next semester... Lets see if i can get there!

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Taylor said...

never thought i would see one of those charts again... but nicely done-looks like you have identified a nice opportunity gap in materials and portability. have you looked at eva solo or nambe for inspiration? these would be great resources for you.