15 October 2009

Tea Pot for George

Once again it is that time of year where in computer modeling class it is time to design a tea pot. So for George ( my teacher) one of the nicest people you will meet, I have sketched out roughly what my tea pot will look like.

This microwaveable container can be used for more than just making tea. It can be used as a pitcher as well. Tea infuser can be removed when not making tea but with its intended use one would fill it with tea leave. There are sections to keep all things where they should stay.

i will be posting process photos each week as well, this is not a long project. I think 2 - 3 weeks max.

I am designing a cup to go along with it as a set. I will post that up when I figure out what I would like.


Taylor said...

Hi Cassandra, I thought that I had posted a comment here last week, but it must not have worked. this is a really nice concept, the sketching is getting better-but i think you might have overworked this one a bit. make sure that you are leaving an area of just paper to show the highlight. it might work best to plan this out ahead of time-choose your light source, then block out the area. it might also be helpful to get an image of a glass pitcher to see what it looks like. I think you should overlay this sketch because it is a great foundation and work on a cleaner sketch for your portfolio. Once you have finished this in your modeling class you should render it nicely once (in one color) and then go into photoshop and change the silicone sleeve color and glass color really easily (let me know if you don't know how to do this) and put a few color variations in your portfolio. i think that this will be a really nice portfolio piece.

Cassandra Cappello said...

Thank you very much! I am very excited to finish it.