15 October 2009

Mimesis leave behind

For my Contemporary Issues class we are working on a specified topic bio mimicry (a new discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems). I am working with a friend of mine and we chose to create what would be a data base for people to see what could or has been created with nature as the inspiration.

The idea is to have a website and a leave behind that could be left at a library, business, museum, etc. Just to enough to get people interested in going to the site. At the site there would be books to reference and read, contacts with professionals and institutions that specialize in it. as well as other links too.

The whole purpose is to get people inspired and interested in the idea and maybe they can research and find a new solution to a problem with the ideas of bio mimicry.

Together we designed the logo as well as the main basis of the colors, and the main design element. She went off to design the web site and I the leave behind. Here are some sample pages of it.

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Taylor said...

That's interesting, I have never heard of that term before-but we use nature as inspiration a lot! the brochure looks nice, the graphics are really nicely done