24 October 2009


So For a class we are creating a business... I have had this in my thoughts for a while now.

The idea is for this company, Fawn Baby, to be all natural in everything that they create. their toys will be of wood as well as organic fabrics. Educational when always possible.

Here are some samples of type that I am messing with. I am going to mess with some things still. I want it to be simple but whimsical at the same time.

This is going to bleed in to some product ideas I have in store as well as some ads for it, a few other things too that I am hiding up my sleeves!

I am really excited to be working on this for a class finally! This will be drawn ot though until the end of Christmas Break. I will have it all done by then but things will be happening over the course of the semester.

Please let me know what you think though! Any and all!

Thanks Guys!

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Taylor said...

i just wrote the longest comment and it didn't post... ok, here we go again. nice start on the logos- I think that you might want to go with one that is a little more organic for this style of store.
the one on the bottom of the first page with the polka dots could be really cute once you clean it up in illustrator-maybe exaggerating the f and y a little more would soften it just enough.
have you looked at logopond for inspiration before? they have a lot of great logos.

and for inspiration for the wooden toys (which is a great idea b/c that is a huge trend right now) I would look at haba toys, oompa.com, and of course alessi for whimsical.

if you are looking at color and pattern at all i would take a look at amy butler-she is my all time favorite fabric designer (and a ccad grad-who just happens to live in my hometown) Amybutlerdesign.com.

this is a fun project! i can't wait to see what you come up with.