05 November 2009

I got to listen to and Talk to Tom Kelley!

Professionals, teachers and students all cramped in to the Canzani Auditorium last night to hear Tom Kelley speak. We were luck and got to sit in the second row with a teacher of ours. It was awesome! He is a great speaker, and gave out a lot of information. I was writing as fast as I could to get all that I wanted to down in to my sketch book.

After skimming through his 'Ten Facts Of Innovation' he spoke more in depth about the first three on his list:
• The Anthropologist
• The Experimenter
• The Cross Pollinator

After hearing all that he has to say I want to read all of his books " The Art of Innovation" & "Ten Phases of Innovation" He listed off a few oher book that are a good read as well and I intend to read them.

It was such a great talk and after words a few of us went to the front to say thank you. It ended up being half of the I.D. Senior class with out teacher Mr. Williamson. We ended up getting a chance to tlak to him for an hour! Asking him all of the quesdtions that we could and getting his incite on the industry and where he see it going etc. it was amazing to get to talk to him on a more personal basis. We didnt realize but we spoke to him for so long that we held him up the entire reception! He didn't seem to mind though.

We were all pumped though and got straight to work. It was such a good boost for all of us at this point on the semester. I am so happy that we all had a chance to hear him speak!

For now back to work the ext few weeks or shall I say the rest of the semester will be a whole mess of work that is too too much to think about. So much happening so fast! Back to work!

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Taylor said...

sounds great! i love that he inspired you-it is a perfect time for that when you are just getting to the point when you are tired and buried with work!

I have at least one of his books, I will try to remember to bring it for you when we meet up over thanksgiving. i know i read the 10 faces of innovation and i think that i might have another one too.

good luck with everything-when are you going to post your first studio sketches?