09 November 2009

Stuff to do! There is so much stuff to do!

This week has been crazy! This weekend only added to it. I am sorry for the delay on the IHA sketches those will be here no later than Tuesday night. Sadly I am already on mock ups. This week was just so fast paced with classes and studio especially that I didn't have time to fully load everything. This weekend was also one of the rare weekends where i got called in to work two days. Good as it may be to make money it has set me back some, though I should be fine by Tues.

With everything going on I just realized how long we really have left in the semester. AHHHHHHH scary! But you will all be updated within a few days. Tomorrow though my Tea Pot will officially be finished! I will Load the shots of that up as well. Well back to more work!

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