29 December 2009

A day at MOMA

Even though it was bitter cold I went to the city today with my dad and traveled to MOMA. We were excited for two things normally it is closed on Tuesdays and as of last night the Tim Burton Exhibit was sold out for the week...

Well we got tickets! OMG I will be honest. I really didn't think that it would be that good but it was honestly amazing! There was his personal sketches and also his character designs and sketches form all of the movies that he has done. They also had props from movies ( Edwards out fit, the angora sweater from Edwards Scissor hands, and a few other things) They did have Pierce Brosnan's head from Mars attacks! That was pretty cool! They also had the maquettes from The Nightmare Before Christmas and the corpse bride! They were so neat to see in person! There was about 20 different versions of Jack Sparrows face for reference. I got photos even though I wasn't supposed to.

There was also the amazing product areas! I was so excited to get to see some of Christopher Dressers designs! I love this tea pot!

I am in love with Zeisel's forms too! I want to get these from DWR as soon as I can!

And of course the great Dieter Rams!

I feel so bad but I forgot which team designed this but I know I saw them in Objectified.

Here are some other photos as well! Everything was so much fun there! There were so many pieces that I got to see today!

And while walking around I stopped to get some quick form studies of pieces I liked.

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Katherine said...

Thank you Cassandra! I want to go to MoMa now, do you know how long Tim Burton's show runs for? Happy New Year!