07 December 2009

End of Semester

Well the end of this semester is this Friday. Wow! This was by far the most stressful most hectic semester and yet it sped by so fast that I can honestly not believe that I am handing in finals.

I know I have been slacking on updates but know that it is only because I have been working non stop on my IHA design and mock up and Thesis Proposal among other classes. Everything will be posted at the end of the week and hopefully next semester things wont be so crunched for time.

With the end of the semester comes Christmas Break plans. Now comes the fun of planning what I will be doing and getting them done. There is a long list but it is senior year and there can be no slacking of any kind any more about getting many of the items done. So I will post them which makes them more real and permanent ;) this way I will have to prove to someone out there that I have completed it! The list will be up at the end of the week as well so stay tuned!

Things are a-happenin!

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Taylor said...

I understand how stressful the end of the semester is just for accomplishing the school work. i am looking forward to seeing it. I think we should spend some time thinking about how to set a different system next semester, in order to make sure that i am as helpful as possible. good luck and get some rest when you are done!