18 November 2009

As of today I noticed that my moleskin is getting filled up. So much so that I am down to three pages! This semester has gone by so fast so far and with all of the classes that I am taking I have burned though this little tiny book. I take it with me everywhere. I have never gone through one so fast before.

IHA is starting to close up. Hopefully i will get final sketches up here soon (sorry about that) but the final model is due next week as it the final display for the Haiku winter display. ( those will definitely be up on here soon) I am excited to work on something different at the moment but the added stress of getting to it is kinda starting to get to me with everything else. none the less this will be done in two days. there is no reason why it cant be. wish me luck these next few weeks! It is going to get crazy!

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