10 December 2009

IHA Final

This will be a long post... With out further ado i give you:

Many people love to entertain their friends and family. After a lot of research I have found that most of the people 21 - 35 live in small spaces (whether it be home or apartment) how can they entertin in a small space where there is no way that they can fit a mini bar in to their space?

Aperitif [a drink that works as an appetite stimulator] is a customizable mini bar for the home that hangs on the wall. After purchasing the user can choose where and how they would like the bar to be displayed:

After choosing and hanging the party can being!
It holds 6 bottles of alcohol, 4 pieces of stem ware, other glasses and any other components to a bar that one would need.

Shown here there is even an area for the user and their guests to mix and serve drinks during the gathering.

The nice thing? You could potentially purchase the starter kit and after that you can purchase other sections to better blend the system in to your small space and also give yourself more storage.

This project was one of the most time consuming things that I have ever done.

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