10 December 2009

Mimesis Project

For a final for my contemporary Issues Class a friend and I developed a website www.mimesisproject.com. This site was developed to promote the idea of Biomimicry to the masses. Biomimicry is the design of systems or products that are influenced by nature. The main problem is that there is so much scientific terminology that it is hard to grasp at times. Out main goal for the site was to research topics and write articles on them, always citing our sources. This way people can read the articles and if they want to find more then we give them the resources. We upload videos and all that we find.

We are trying to promote the idea to people as much that we can. Please check it out! We worked all semester on it and are still loading new articles when we can.

1 comment:

Taylor said...

This is looking really good. you have some really interesting articlea up here!