13 January 2010

Busy Week!

This week was great! I was able to go to Evo Design in Conn. and get a lot of feed back on designs and my thesis and where I plan on going and doing after school. After going there on Monday, I took some friends to the city and got great reference for my thesis! We went to the Museum of Natural History and was able to see how other cultures used picto-grams and how they created faces and masks etc. It was really interesting to see the cultural relevance with in everything that I found there. I took lots of photos!!!! We then stopped at FAO Schwartz and was able to see a lot of the toys that I found on the internet, and then found some more for reference for educational toys for children.

Today I got the materials needed to print off my graphic cards. I can not wait to print them all and show them to you! My recipe cards still need some touching up but are looking great!

This break was great for research and time spent on work. I didn't get all that I wanted to done on my list of to-do's but I got a lot started and finished.I got all that I needed to and them some done for thesis and ecstatic for this semester to begin! I have worked so hard these past years with 18 credits a semester and not having 12 this last semester I am going to be working on thesis, portfolio, and all of my side projects that I want to get done! I am so so so excited! This semester will be so hard and trying on me with thesis and portfolio but I am ready for it!

Bring it on!

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