23 January 2010

Where's the Beef?

Bocci's Beefs is an adorable blog that is written by Bocci and his 'parental unit' Joan DeMartin. Joan is a writing teacher that I had last semester here at CCAD. It was a pleasure working with her on this project when aiding in the redesign of the blog and their business cards! The blog header was designed by a neighbor of Joan's. The font was gathered to create the cards.

Definitely check this blog out! It is adorable and funny! It has been featured, as has Bocci in Dog Fancy as well!


Taylor said...

Nicely done-this will be a great addition to your portfolio! And it is a very funny blog!

Bocci said...
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Bocci said...

Great picture...and a great designer! I've not had the pleasure of meeting her yet, but Parental Unit just raves about her talent...and patience (if you know what I mean!)
And not that I'm bragging or anything, but I've got a pretty cool blog going here...please, become "Followers"!!!