22 January 2010

Crazy Presenations and Thesis

These next two weeks will be a little trying... ;)

Tuesday will be the first presentation for our thesis project in studio. We are presenting out research to the class before we being to start any concept. Many of us have an idea. I have a kind of idea.... My thesis is becoming a little more complicated than I thought it already was! But none the less I am still enjoying it and can not wait to start ideation for it! There is just so so much research to go through to begin this presentation.

Also next week is the judging of Top Senior here at CCAD Industrial Design Department. Every year they choose three seniors to go p against OSU's. It is a portfolio-off where designers in the field vote and choose one to go on to regionals and so on and so forth. I am working hard , as is everyone else who is participating in it, to get it done and get ready to present next Thursday.

stay tunned

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