25 February 2010

IDSA Run thrus

Today was our second run thru fro IDSA. We are having weekly meeting to run thru everything and practice what we are saying. It is a great help! I will post some shots when it is more refined. I am getting excited about it. Everything is beging to come together in some ways. By next week it should look a lot better.

Shawn and I consulting with Mr. Williamson about the nitty gritty. ( I really don't know why i move my hands the way I do. Italian I guess )

On Monday Shawn, Dustin and I are talking to the underclassmen about the program and showing them our work, answer any question. I will post some photos for that. I am excited to do it. Shawn and I spoke at College day for incoming students to the college. It was fun, you dont realize how much you know about something until you have to talk about it.

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Bocci said...

Great posts, Cassandra!

Glad to see things are going so well for you.
Yes, it's definitely the "Italian Thing" for the hand movements!
Good luck!

Keep a lookout for an e-mail from me with some important info!