01 March 2010

Product Testing

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to visit good friend of mine, Aiden. Aiden is just under 3 and is full of personality. I love this kid, so cute!

I went to visit to test out the sizing of my board and the ball, along with the cards. I really needed to see how he reacted to the pieces and what he did with them without anyone telling him, also when there was direction what he did with it. I also needed a parents personal opinion on what was going on with all of the pieces and shapes and sizes.

All and all a great evening. It was great to see him interacting with everything. The first thing that he did was step on the board. He would continually return to it too. he enjoyed putting the board together and then running across it.

When the dice came in he loved throwing it around too. He had fun throwing it and telling you what color it landed on. I did find that the ball was too big for him, so i will be working on making it a little smaller, that way it is easier to pick up and toss.

The cards were fine for him to see the images and figure out what they were for. The only thing is that I want to make it a thicker material. It is way to easy for them to bend it and rip it even tough it is two play card stock.

All of these issues will be talked about tomorrow during my midterm and then over the next week it will hopefully be figured out as well.

I wish I had more of the board done. But I will be stopping by again at the end of everything to take more photos and to play the whole game with him. It is gonna be fun.


Taylor said...

Great job, I am excited to see your presentation!! You got some really great photos! i think you are right about the dice, it does seem pretty big for him, but other than that-it looks like you are making really great progress!

Charnelle said...

It looks so fun!! I can't wait to see your thesis when it's done.