10 February 2010

........Say What?

Huh? Nothing ever really goes this well for me, but this year is going really well! I have been accomplishing everything that I have shot for and more! It seems that three years of nothing but busting butt is starting to look like it is gonna pay off soon! ...well start ;)

I was notified a little while ago that my mentor Taylor Sears, my blog and myself might be in the CCAD Image Magazine! I just the ok that it will be! Image is a magazine that gets sent out to students and alumni from our school. The article will be talking about how I got Taylor as my mentor, the work we do together as well as how we stay in contact and how my blog works, and my work in it.

I am not sure when it will be printed- but Taylor has been interviewed, and we are taking photos tomorrow and talking about everything else tomorrow as well.

Thank you Taylor, Chad and everyone evolved!

I can not wait! Lets hope that I have a good hair day tomorrow! Photos will be up soon.

Taylor (alumni) works for a great Consultancy firm EVO Design.

The President and fellow alumni Aaron Szymanski was featured along with Evo in the Fall 2009 edition. it is a great article talking about the work they have been doing with environmentally friendly design as well as others.(pg 13 PDF)

He also has a great blog too where he shows some great stuff


Eric Alessandrini said...

Congrats! I'm so proud of you!

Cappello Design said...

Thanks! I am so excited and seriously shocked at the same time! I will mention my handsome lover Eric Alessandrini graphic designer extraordinaire lol

Taylor said...

This is great and I am really excited for you! You have been working really hard and are doing a fantastic job and totally deserve this! and thanks for the link! I hope that your interview goes well today, but as soon as this is over we have to talk IDSA presentation so you can kill that one too! :)