16 February 2010

IDSA- Prep. Trails

Coming up this Thursday we have our first run thru of our IDSA presentation. We have been preparing a script and everything. I will let you all know how it goes but I have been trying to get everything figured out the last two weeks.

I am currently re-sketching everything for this - and my portfolio. What is nice is that by the end of all of this almost half of my portfolio will be done!

We are all working really hard on this! I am excited for all of us that we get this opportunity. I mean it would be great to win but we are all friends and are pretty supportive of each other.

Sean is busy working himself on things.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

How exciting! Hopefully the snow day will give you a chance to get some stuff done. I'm trying so hard to feel motivated to do work today, but all I want to do is rent a movie and drink some hot chocolate!

Cappello Design said...

I know! I am in the same boat! I need to get so much done. i worked this morning and now i want to take a nap! lol