16 February 2010

Thesis - working working working...

We have had a white out here in Columbus - so I am currently spending the day working on all that I can. I had so much to show you all for thesis but my really nice computer model is on the school computer.
I have a mock up for the game boards though! An adjustment was made since I shot the photos that I took yesterday afternoon. But here is the game board so far! It is only a section of the board because there was no need to buy all that foam. I am going to print out the model on the 3D printer! So i will be able to post a video of the to-scale model soon!

Yesterday a few friends and I had a thesis brainstorm. There will be more to come! But it was super helpful! We all found new points to work out and find out about our thesis. It was nice being in a small group! I suggest it for any project!

This is a good friend of mine Yasmine (who has two sweet blogs). She was my little kid for the afternoon! ;)

Here are a small sample of the first draft of cards for the game as well. They are a little bit of each Level. ( there are stages of Levels that the child will work with while pushing the ideas of social skills, logical thought and auditory skills.)