05 May 2010


I know that yet again it has been a while since I have posted but get ready for more of a regular basis! I am officially finished with school as of 8:00 tomorrow evening!

Four years of non-stop work will have come to an end! I am sad and to be honest it hasnt hit me yet. (We shall see how that goes)

Here are the final shots of my last meeting with Aiden! My thesis is finished and so are my appearance models! Everything turned out pretty good! I am content with it all. I will post everything tomorrow but wanted to share my last photo shoot with you all!

Tomorrow evening is the Industrial Design Departments Senior thesis show at Canzani Auditorium. Come if you can! 5 - 8! I will post others projects as well! Everyone has been working their little tushes off! Go us!

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Taylor said...

Hey congrats!!!
I can't believe this year is over either! I am kind of sad, actually. But, i love the final photos, looks like everything turned out really great!!! Keep me posted on your portfolio!