11 May 2010

Retirement Party

This weekend was the Boat Regatta and on of my professors surprise retirement party. WHAT A COLD DAY! Oh My! Thank god there was a bon-fire! It was crazy windy and cold. But it was a great time too!

The Regatta is something that the sophomores get to do at the end of their first year in the program. There are typically two teachers in the studio class and their two classes compete against each other given all the same materials ( Cardboard, tape, PVC Pipe, Tarp, and a rope or twine.) They have to build three boats, a One man, Two man and three man. It is always held at one of our teachers houses since he has a small pond in his back yard where he sets up a course that you have to go through.

As tradition the weather was crap! but it was fun to see everyone get started on building and working together while the rest of us tried to stay warm!

\We were able to surprise our professor even more when passed students from years ago were able to come down and visit! From all over too! We have been planning for a while behind his back. We were able to raise some money and get him a really nice chair from Herman Miller. An Eames LCW chair. ( LOVE IT!) We also surprised him with a photo of us. His last senior class.

It was a lot of fun and he was really surprised.

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